Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez gear up for UFC 205 megabout in New York… here’s the pair’s war of words

Conor McGregor on Alvarez:

‘I’m going to retire him on this night. He has been through a hell of a lot of wars. He has been dropped continuously. I can see it in him. You can see the effects of war on his face. Respect to him, he’s a fighter, nothing but respect.

Mcgregor vs Alvarez

‘But this will be it for you. You’re going to be badly, badly hurt, Eddie, and I mean that. It’s over for you. You will not fight again after this. You will not look the same, you will not think the same, and that’s it.

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‘I feel [people are] going to see something they haven’t seen before. I’m going to toy with this man. I’m going to really, truly rearrange his facial structure. His wife and kids will never recognise him again.

His friends and the people that he knows will know that he’s not the same man after this contest. So he’s going to be in a shock when he sees that. That’s it.

‘He’s just another broke bum trying to sell some s**t. That’s it. He’s broke and he’s desperate so he’s trying make out, ‘McGregor is this and McGregor’s that’. We’ve heard it before, he’s just another broke bum who can’t afford to pay his bills. That’s all that is.

‘You know, I don’t think he poses any threat. He’s a tough kid. He’s got some good fights under his belt. But I don’t see it going well for him. You know he will be unconscious.

‘He got it done by signing his last contract. He didn’t even negotiate new money for himself. Imagine that. He’s very, very lucky to be in the position he is [fighting against McGregor]. He understands that. That’s why he took this fight for the money he was on for the last fight. I mean, that says it all.

‘I’ve been whopping his style, I’ve been whopping that style a long, long time. He’s a stocky, stuffed wrestler with an overhand. That’s it. I’ve been beating these guys up.

‘Like I said, he is chinny. He gets cracked, he gets dropped. It has happened throughout his career. He is a weathered fighter. He is on his way out. He is very, very lucky to be in the position he is in. One round it will take me to knock him out.

‘He’s going to be shooting, panicking, I’m going to be hitting him from everywhere. Sooner or later, he’s going to fall. One of those elbows, one of those shots are going to dig into that soft, sweet spot, into the temple. And that’s all she wrote! Two-weight world champion! UFC history! New York! The Irish are back!

Eddie Alvarez on McGregor:

‘I know what I’m capable of and I can get it done in any manner. Any manner. If he begins to even think about wrestling, his defence is atrocious. He has good striking but his defence is terrible, terrible – might be the worst in the division.

‘But as far as shutting his (McGregor’s) mouth and giving him some humility, it will be an honour. A lot of people will show up to cheer for him but a lot of people are also going to show up and enjoy watching him be defeated.

‘I think the fight will end inside of two rounds. Around the nine-minute mark I should be able to overcome him. We will put him in some bad situations early and start getting him to doubt himself and when that happens it’s the beginning of the end.’

‘This guy is so offensive-minded and never on the defence that whenever you put him on the defence, he gets so flustered and so upset,’

‘At a certain point in our press conference call he got desperate. He started talking about my wife and kids and things like that. That for me is just a sign of desperation. You don’t talk about another man’s family unless you’re like through the roof p****d off.

‘I never felt so unthreatened by a human being as when I was up on a stage with him. That’s the God’s honest truth. I’ve never felt so unthreatened. The conditioning aspect [of McGregor] is just not a good level of conditioning. The last Nate Diaz fight was a very big eye opener for me.

‘This guy’s [McGregor] got eight minutes of fight in him and that’s it. He quits after eight minutes every fight. He’s not a championship fighter. He’s never been. And he’s never ever fought anyone in the UFC like me. Ever. He spent $300,000 on his last camp and gassed out eight minutes in.
‘When I mention ‘fighter’ you guys are thinking about technique. I am not thinking about technique. When I say ‘fighter’ I am thinking about how you deal with adversity, how you deal with being in bad situations. He deals terribly with being in bad situations and doesn’t come back.

‘Style makes match-ups and when you pick the style you want to fight, you can knock everyone out. I can go to the supermarket right now and punch a guy in the mouth and look like a superhero.

‘When you fight the best guys in the world, it’s going to be tough … s***’s going to change and you’re not going to look as good. The guys he’s faced are nothing of the calibre of fighter I am.


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